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    ITC is uniquely positioned to support partner countries design and implement their export strategies. ITC’s approach combined with its unique advantages has boosted competitiveness and development in over 70 countries.

    ITC is a joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. We have a mandate to assist partner countries to increase their competitiveness in global markets and to contribute to their sustainable development. In other words, we are here to serve our partner countries, and our success is fully determined by their success.

    ITC has been engaged with partner countries, donor agencies, and other international organizations for over 50 years, and as such we have close and long lasting relationships with many of them. This enables us to ensure that our strategies are aligned with other technical assistance projects in our client countries, and to take advantage of synergies where they exist.

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    In the area of strategy, ITC engaged with over 70 countries to determine their economic development objectives and execute them through an export strategy. ITC has a proven process and methodology which continues to evolve to continue to respond to countries’ changing needs and to international trends and shifts. A strategy starts by identifying priorities and ends by implementing a detailed plan of action. ITC process provides implementation management support to ensure that strategies translate into action and achieve visible results.

    The strategies are facilitated by in house experts on trade and sustainable development with experience in technical assistance and capacity building. The process leverages ITC’s tools including:

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    Enquiries should be directed to:

    Anton Said

    Chief, Trade Development Strategies Programme
    +41 (0)22 730-0588